Tuesday, November 15, 2011

no motivation.

If there is such a thing as "Junioritis" I definitely have it because this year has already drained me and it has only been ten weeks.I know I should be writing the two essays I owe,I know I should be working on that LTA that is due this week,I know I have plenty of worksheets to do.I know I am not motivated enough to do it all. This is just how I work,I know I have a lot to do but when it is all thrown at me at once,I collapse, I don't do what I need to be doing,I get easily frustrated and bewildered by all this work and that's just how I handle it.It's not good,I know it's not,I'm admitting that.I don't feel like I should be so so excited to leave high school,but I am.I just don't work well like this.listening to a person drone on and on,with a powerpoint doesn't help me understand what's going on because all I'm worried about is being able to copy down all the notes before the next slide comes on.

this is not good..

I'm Lost.

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